2021 Vidal Blanc



Winemakers Notes

A white hybrid grape variety produced from the Vitis vinifera variety Ugni blanc (also known as Trebbiano Toscano) and another hybrid variety, Rayon d’Or (Seibel 4986). It is a very winter-hardy variety that manages to produce high sugar levels in cold climates with moderate to high acidity. This wine possesses aromas of black tea and pear to dominate this light-bodied Vidal Blanc. This wine is a late harvest style nicely balanced with the acid to produce a crisp citrus, yet smooth finish rendering a very refreshing and vibrant wine.


This white wine originates from Spain. It possesses distinct botanical aromas of clean fruit (apricot and grapefruit). A medium sweet style wine nicely balanced the acid to create a crisp, yet smooth finish.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs


Name Vidal Blanc
Vintage 2021
Appellation Finger Lakes
Composition 100% Vidal Blanc
Harvest date October 22, 2021
TA 8.8 g/L
pH 3.07
RS 2.8 %
Alcohol 11.6 %
Bottling date June 11, 2022
Fermentation Stainless steel
Production notes Harvested at 21.2 % Brix to capture the optimal flavor profile and acidity. Pressed, slow, cool fermentation (<70o F) racked twice and remained on fine lees till bottling.
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